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Paint eventually fails, metal eventually rusts, and surfaces get dirty. Dustless Blasting lets you remove what is left of the old coatings quickly and efficiently, leaving a smooth, clean surface that is ready to be made new again. Blast Faster – Coatings can be stripped in record time, leaving a clean, paint ready surface all in one step.

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Dustless blasting is effective in removing years’ stubborn stains, paint, mildew accumulated dirt and grime on the surface. Unlike sandblasting which can etch brick surface, dustless blasting can virtually be used on any surface without causing any visible damages .

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graffiti dustless blasting pricing We charge between $3.50 - $5 per square foot, with a minimum of $200 - $300. This price range also works for removing paint from masonry and concrete.

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At AZ Affordable Dustless Blasting we make paint removal simple, cost-effective and convenient. Concrete/Asphalt. [email protected] FOR MORE INFO.

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Unique/larger jobs and surfaces are priced on a case-by case basis. Generally, we charge $4 per square foot for flat surface blasting for walls (graffiti removal; brick/stone cleaning), pools (prep for repaint), floors (resurface), walkways (clean). We charge $1.50 per lineal foot for parking lot line removal.

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Our dustless blasting machines are the best all around choice for stripping paint and rust from your car, truck or trailer. 714-342-5326 [email protected] Main Navigation Menu

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Dustless Blasting We do not offer "Dustless Blasting." We choose to blast indoors in a blast booth, as we believe that this provides a better and more complete service to our customers. Blasting indoors allows us to completely clean a body shell and do both sides of body panels.

Safe Blasting

SAFE BLASTING is your source for any paint and rust removal located in South Florida. We use the most innovative tool Dustless Blasting which is fast, economical, safe & Eco-friendly. Prefect for removing paint, rust, powder coating, graffiti, build up, grime, or any type of coating from cars, boats, cements, wood, and other surfaces. For more information, call us 786-367-8015 or email us info

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Dustless blasting can be used with any media that is not water-soluble. Residential Mobility is the key, our team can travel anywhere in the North Dallas area to media blast away pool calcium buildup, stain, polyurethane, lacquer , decks/patios, garage floors and much more.

Dustless Blasting Price Guide - Kevin Kraft

BlastKraft - Mobile Dustless Blasting Price Guide Unique/larger jobs and surfaces are priced on a case-by case basis. Generally, we charge $4 per square foot for flat surface blasting for walls (graffiti removal; brick/stone cleaning), pools (prep for repaint), floors (resurface), walkways (clean).

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Action Dustless Blasting. Glass Bead blasting, Dry Ice Blasting, Shot Blasting and Much More! Collector Car Restoration. Dustless abrasive media blasting for the removal of paint and rust of your next restoration project! Cars Trucks Boats Equipment Wood Decks Sidewalks Cast Iron Brick & Stone Tractors Trailers Heavy Machinery .

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Dustless Blasting Direct "We service Tampa-Orlando-Daytona and all points in between"  1-833-438-3878 1-833-GET-DUST  "No rust, no dust and we are the name you can trust" "Faster, Cleaner, Greener and We Come to You" "The Future of Surface Preparation"

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KRS Dustless Blasting LLC is a virtually dustless media blasting which allows you to remove any type of coating from any surface without damage to the surface underneath. We use a rust inhibitor during the process and use a rust inhibitor/pressure cleaning after allowing your

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GREEN MACHINE BLASTING. More than just power washing We can remove incredibly tough coatings that a power washer won't even touch. Eco-friendly Our system uses 100% recycled glass media, and can be used anywhere. Fast & Effective We use the safe and eco-friendly Dustless Blasting® process.


Dustless Media Blasting is the process of blasting media mixed with water in order to remove paint, rust, and corrosion.Alabama Dustless Blasting uses proprietary equipment manufactured specifically for dustless blasting. On each job we will fill our blasting pot with media. Most times our media is crushed glass but we also use coal, sand, and garnet.

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We can come to your location and use our dustless blasting process to remove and clean those tough coatings and surfaces. Willsha Blasting uses a mobile dustless blasting machine that mixes water with an abrasive material to remove virtually any coating while suppressing dust.

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Remove paint, epoxy, lacquer, shellac, varnish, wax, acrylic paint, alkyd, polyurethane, and more! Dustless Blasting® The Future of Surface Preparation begins with the world's #1 tool for restoration.

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AZ Affordable Dustless Blasting will remove ANY coating from ANY metal surface leaving it ready for paint powdercoat or bodywork. Don't just think about cars and trucks. Think railings, fences, steel buildings, containers, busses, commercial vehicles, tanks T h ere is not a job we can't do.

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Additionally, dustless blasting removes chlorides and leaves a perfect, paint-ready surface. We strip the outside of most cars in about two hours, and the use of a rust inhibitor can provide up to 36 hours of rust resistance in ideal conditions. We recommend that you prime as soon as possible.