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Reflexx is a leading importing Company distributing throughout Europe Disposable gloves:Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Polyethylene and Household gloves.The Reflexx branded gloves are manufactured with superior elasticity for great sensitiveness thanks to high technology plants and a thorough choice and selection of the raw materials.The Reflexx gloves comply with different norms related to Medical

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KIMTECH PURE* G3 Latex Glove. KIMTECH PURE* G3 Nitrile Gloves. KIMTECH PURE* G3 STERLING* Sterile Nitrile Gloves. KIMTECH PURE* G5 Sterile Latex Gloves. KIMTECH SCIENCE* COMFORT NITRILE Nitrile Gloves.

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Our Nitrile examination gloves are made 100% of nitrile. The gloves contain no natural rubber latex. The risk of type I allergic reaction to latex proteins is thus excluded.

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Caressential Nitrile Glove. Caressential™ Nitrile Examination Gloves are uniquely engineered to provide optimal performance and protection. Research was conducted based on user’s needs to provide the most suitable product to cater to the requirements for

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We offer accros Europe black nitrile gloves for almost any application. Our gloves are top quality and respected by professionals from many industries around the world, including medical, dental, pharmaceutical, emergency responders, veterinarians and biotech companies.

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The Gloves4u Firsthand Glove system dispenses the gloves one glove at a time, dispensing from the Cuff end every time making a unique dispense system against every other conventional glove dispenser box. Reduction in Cross Contamination - The user only touches the cuff of the glove being used, reducing the risk of contaminating the glove.

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MICROFLEX ® UltraSense ® US-220. Nitrile Exam Glove. MICROFLEX® FreeForm® SE FFS-700. MICROFLEX ® FreeForm ® SE FFS-700. Nitrile Exam Glove with Textured Fingertips. MICROFLEX® Supreno® SE SU-690. MICROFLEX ® Supreno ® SE SU-690. Durable Nitrile Exam Glove with Advanced Barrier Protection. MICROFLEX® V28. MICROFLEX ® V28.

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203 - 229 Milimeters. 229 - 254 Milimeters. 254 - 279 Milimeters. 279 + Milimeters. Source:Turtleskin Glove/Warwick Mills, Inc. Another method to determine glove size is measuring the length of your hand. This is done by measuring from the bottom edge of the palm to the tip of the middle finger as illustrated below:215+ Milimeters.

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About Us Mondo Sp z o.o. has been on the Polish market since 2011. We sell, promote and distribute disposable protective and medical gloves made from vinyl, nitrile, or latex. Our gloves are top quality on the Polish market. We are an Authorized European Representative and a

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Nitrile Exam Gloves are a safe alternative to 'rubber or latex gloves' made from a synthetic gel, making them allergy free. Choose from sizes Small thru Extra-Large, nitrile exam gloves are FDA, ADA and OSHA approved, sold wholesale by the case. 5 Mil to 8 Mil Xlim is an exclusive Cranberry product. Xlim is specially engineered and formulated

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Medical gloves are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection or illness during medical procedures and examinations.

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This sterile glove is made from a synthetic, nitrile formulation that provides high elasticity with superior barrier protection and puncture resistance. It is an ideal solution for a range of sterile examination (non-surgical) procedures. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS:• Packed as a pair of gloves per pack

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It is commonly considered that all marketed products in the European Union must have the CE marking.For sure, CE marking is compulsory in products when their regulations establish it as a requirement.In this case, it must appear on the containers and packaging to show the user that the product follows the essential security and health criteria. . Nevertheless, not all products have to in


In the EU, there are a large number of standards for gloves which are labelled as PPE. The basis is EN 420, which defines the general requirements for protective gloves, e.g. the contents of the information for users, the safety of the glove material, as well as the characteristics of the

Medical Gloves FDA

Medical gloves are examples of personal protective equipment that are used to protect the wearer and/or the patient from the spread of infection or illness during medical procedures and examinations.

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Nitrile gloves are also suitable for handling hazardous wastes and toxic chemical as they are highly resistant to chemicals. Although nitrile gloves is a good alternative, but it is hard to wear compared to latex gloves. Nitrile glove is generally stickier than latex, this is the reason why it is more troublesome to put on and take off.

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Nitrile gloves provide superior protection against chemical solvents and oils as well as three times more puncture resistance compared to vinyl or latex gloves. These disposable gloves are also powder free so they won’t make a mess. New composition with the strength of traditional nitrile

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Sterling™ Nitrile Gloves XS - XL Type C (K) Virus 0.65 24-25cm 99850 -99854 Green Nitrile Gloves XS - XL Type C (K) Virus 0.65 24-25cm 47672 -47676 Comfort Nitrile Gloves XS - XL Type C (K) Virus 0.65 24-25cm 97982 - 97985 Blue Nitrile Gloves S-XL Type C (K) Virus 1.5 24-25 cm 50501 -50504 PFE-Xtra Latex Gloves S - XL Type C (K) Virus 1.5